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Recycled Electrons - Dell Latitude E5430v Bluetooth Module


Dell Latitude E5430v Bluetooth Module

The Dell Latitude E5430v Bluetooth Module is installed/replaced in the following steps.

Flip it over.

bottom view of Dell Latitude E5430v

Remove the battery.

Remove the two screws from the main back panel and slide the panel to remove it. Then remove the screws from the postions marked below. Lift and jiggle at the arrows and remove the cover. Slide out the DVD drive.

Dell Latitude E5430v main panel off 01

 Remove the additional screws now visible (below).

Dell Latitude E5430v bottom panel screw locations side panel off 

Flip it over again. (notice the screws laid out in the same pattern as they were removed - none lost and none left over)

Top of Dell Latitude E5430v with screws laid out nicely


Lift the edge of the keyboard surround carefully and get a small screwdriver under just enough to raise the front edge, taking care not to bear on visible edges or surfaces.

Once high enough to edge the screwdiver in through the front... edge it in through the front...

Within reason you can lift safely here as the only thing that can be damaged is the ribbon connector which is just over half way up under the cover.

After it starts to come away, it can release quite easily with a wiggle on the way up.

 removing the keyboard surround on the Dell Latitude E5430


Remove the four remaining screws screws holding the keyboard in.

Keyboard removal


 Remove the final five screws and unlock the three ribbon connectors and free the ribbons.

five final screws Dell Latitude E5430

 more here soon.


Assemble the bluetooth module and cable. You'll feel the slightest click as it goes into place (most times:).

assemble bluetooth module and cable


A very slight clicking into place can usually be felt when pressing the bluetooth module cable into the motherboard too. Screw the scre down until the module doesnt move, not just until you feel some resistance from the locktite on the new screw.

bluetooth module mounted Dell Latitude E5430

Reverse procedure. (but don't take the bluetooth module out!:)


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very clear instructions. nice, thanks

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